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Introducing THE BALACLAVA BEANIE HAT, the perfect mix of style, warmth and adaptability. Hand crocheted with love and care, this unique accessory seamlessly transitions from a cozy balaclava to a chic beanie, providing you with the ultimate winter wardrobe solution.

Key Features:

- Hand-Crocheted - Each balaclava-beanie is hand-crocheted by a twenty something granny wannabe.

- Adaptable Design - You can quickly switch up from the stylish beanie to the warm and cosy balaclava allowing you to keep up with the ever-changing weather, or even just to hide your hangover face on your way to get your sweet treats.

- Warmth, warmth, WARMTH - Stay snug and cozy during chilly days with the balaclava's full coverage or if it's just a bad hair day, switch up to the beanie.

- Super Soft and Comfortable - Made from acrylic yarn to allow for a comfy stretch fit

- Fashionable and Functional - Not only can you slay warm this winter but you can truly make a fashion statement. It's time to embrace the cold.

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